Somehow: It happens! And the publisher(s) you contact already have a publishing schedule for the next two years! These words strike dread into every fledgling writer's heart. And the confusion it creates and the questions it asks: Will I have to wait two years before submitting my manuscript? Maybe not, but if we say "yes" to publishing your work, you may be looking at one year minimum -if not longer- before it runs off a press.

But to answer the real burning question ...

How do I submit my work?

At this moment we are not actively soliciting manuscripts. If you feel very strongly that we may have an interest, you can always write to us. Tell us a little about yourself, your work, how the work compares to other similar recognised authors and genres. Apply clear critical thinking to your own work and tell us what you think makes it strong. In other words, sell us on it. We may not buy it, it may not fit our context, and it might take us some time to reply. But it will get you in the habit of thinking about yourself as publishable. And how to best present that quality. If you have already been published, tell us what, who, where, and why you are looking for another publisher.

We are not committed to one genre, style or message. But we are committed to excellence. In the coinage of publishing we only have so much to spend, so we prefer to spend it well. We look for works that entertain and captivate, and if they can transcend their own boundaries to pass along something metaphysical: that is cream on top of the pint bottle!

Things to keep an eye on: Grammar! Grammar! Grammar! If you can't punctuate a letter, it won't be a good indication of your ability to sustain a longer work. Don't attach a manuscript. But if you have a website or Blog, include the information in an email sent to submissions @