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"Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man." - Francis Bacon

A Publisher reads! At the very least reads what they intend to publish. Or has Readers whose thoughts and opinions are careful and considered.

But what do publishers read in the privacy of their lives? Strangely, most won't say. Perhaps there is some paranoid reasoning behind that: Don't let the writers know what you enjoy. Don't give away publicity to the competition.

Such thinking is not in line with our thinking. If we read a book that we love -apart from the insane envy that we didn't publish it- we want to pass along that recommendation to others. It may be eccentric, but when a gem is discovered, we want to spread the word!

Tariq Goddard: The Picture Of Contented New Wealth

Tariq Goddard is difficult to quantify, which would likely please him immensely. In a recent radio interview he divulged not wishing to 'encourage laziness in his readers'. From that remark you would think Goddard is also a difficult read; Works you would find listed in an Appreciation For Modern Lit syllabus in the more refined of academic halls. You would be wrong. At least about him being difficult to read.

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Adam Sisman: Boswell's Presumptuous Task

Many things constitute a publisher's nightmare. From concept to production, sales to promotion. All the myriad details that involve making a book become A Book. But somewhere near the top of books that don't get to cross over into "Dream Come True Peppered With Nightmare Quotient" are: Poems about poetry and books about writing a book.

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